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My Many Jobs

by Ski Ingram I, like most of you, have had many jobs in my life. It’s rare, but I knew a guy maned Ric who only had two jobs his whole life.  As a teenager he worked as a dog walker and in his adult life worked at a car...

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by Ski Ingram My sister Sherrie worked at Winchell’s donut shop across the street from our house on Manhattan Beach Blvd.  I used to go over after school and help by sweeping the floor, folding boxes and making crumbs out of the...

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Car Accident

by Ski Ingram My family lived at 1901 Pullman Lane in Redondo Beach, California. The house was on the northeast corner of Pullman and Flagler Lane.  Pullman lane ran east and west with Flagler running north and south.  Our house...

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