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The Polce Academy

by Ski Ingram I was hired by the Long Beach City Police Department on June 1, 1982.  I was the oldest guy in my academy class at age 32.  I was in great shape as I was in the Army Reserves and the Executive Officer on...

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Rush and Me February 17, 2022

by Ski Ingram One year ago, today Rush Limbaugh passed from this earth to the next. I do not remember where I was or what I was doing when I heard of Rush’s death. I guess it is because I knew he was sick and death was imminent....

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my first day in vice

It was my first day in Vice, no that’s not true, it was Friday 16 October 1992 and I wasn’t supposed to start as a Vice officer until Monday night, October 19th.  I started on Friday because I was anxious to do...

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a day in the life

by Ski Ingram It started out just like any other day, kind of slow. We checked a few places but couldn’t find anyone worth taking to jail. What we really wanted was to get one or two early and then coast for the rest of...

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The Bayshore Saloon

April 15, 1994 I was working as a Vice team leader with the Long Beach City Police Department.  A few days before April 15th, our Lieutenant told me that there was trouble with overcrowding in the bars in the shore...

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