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The Gadsden Flag

by Ski Ingram As with the Betsy Ross flag, some have been calling the Gadsden flag a symbol of racism.  In order to dispel this notion, the history of the flag is below.  Remember, just because a racist organization...

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The pow/mia flag

by Ski Ingram It was 1971 when Mary Hoff, a member of the National League of American Prisoners and Missing Action in Southeast Asia, realized the need for a national symbol to represent our POW’s and our MIA’s.  Mary Hoff was...

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Our Nations Emblem – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the series of articles about the history, proper display, handling, and disposing of the American flag.  In this Article I will be detailing the proper way to dispose of a flag and how to show the proper...

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Our Nations Emblem part 1

This is the first article in a series I will be writing about the history, proper display, handling, and disposing of our nation’s emblem. Most of the information in these articles will be taken from the United States Flag Code...

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