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I’m Thankful Every Day

By Ski Ingram “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas.”  My favorite time of year.  Thanksgiving has just passed, a time when my family reflects on the blessings we have received this year and the love we have...

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I am thankful

A Veteran’s Thoughts By Ski Ingram November 2021 November is my favorite month of the year.  A few but not all of the reasons are, the days and nights are becoming cooler after the normally hot summers.   The leaves on the trees...

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Where is the honor?

A Veteran’s Thoughts By Ski Ingram October 2021 September was a very difficult month for me. The month of August was hard enough with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, then came September and with it 9/11. I was...

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america, woke or awake?

by Ski Ingram Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, has asked the question “is America woke or awake?”  I don’t believe that most of America is “woke,” but I do believe that they aren’t awake either.  That...

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