“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” How many of you watch the news believing they are attempting to fool you, lie to you, or convince you that a lie is really the truth? I don’t believe most of what I read or see in the news. Do you believe that the government lied to the American people over and over again during the Covid 19 pandemic? I certainly do. Do you believe that the justice system today is fair to all? I certainly don’t. Do you believe President Biden when he tells you the economy is great and inflation is going down, when we can all see food prices, gas prices and everything else is higher than it was three years ago?

It’s not hard to see that things have changed in America since President Biden took office. Consider the ill-advised pull out from Afghanistan and the negative affects it has caused all over the world. It has been two years since that day and the Left still refuses to acknowledge the chaos. Since that day, the loss of respect America has endured from other world leaders and especially by our enemies is overwhelming. It is now being reported that our own military effectiveness may be in jeopardy as our stockpiles of equipment and ammunition is being depleted as we send more military equipment and ammunition to Ukraine. It sure would be nice to have all the military equipment we left in Afghanistan to send to Ukraine instead of our stockpiles that should be used to protect this country. Do you trust the Biden administration to keep us safe from terrorists or rogue countries who wish to harm us?

Defunding the police has made life in America worse. Since the liberals have hamstrung the police, crime has soared in our cities and states, mostly run by left-leaning officials. The no-bail policy has made it easier for criminals to commit crime in our streets. They tie the hands of the police so that it is difficult to arrest criminals, then they are let out of jail to prey once again on our citizens. Are we safer today then we were three years ago? I don’t believe we are.

Are you happier today than you were three years ago? I’m not. By studying the history of failed countries throughout the world, I can see what may happen to America if things do not change soon. I believe we are being controlled by people who hate America and are working toward its downfall. They are the “tyranny of the minority,” as described by presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who have seized control of the government.

We are being forced to move away from petroleum energy to electric power even though the rest of the world runs on petroleum. Our economy would thrive if we were allowed to use the oil in America because we have more here than anywhere else in the world. Why won’t the Left allow America to drill for it? I agree that electric vehicles and other devices have a place in America, but it would be disastrous for us to change all vehicles, especially military vehicles to EV. America would then be ripe for conquest by our enemies such as China and Russia who will still be using vehicles running on oil.

Our open border is a major concern. The Biden administration continues to lie and tell us that the border is closed when we can all see that it isn’t. A country without a border is not a country. Remember, the Left told us that they want to “fundamentally change America.”  This is one of the best ways to do it.

In 1858 Abraham Lincoln paraphrased a scripture in the New Testament when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”   I believe that those on the Left understand this all too well. They are working hard to divide us in order to fundamentally change America.

Here are a few other things I see being done to divide us: student loan forgiveness, prosecuting President Trump while refusing to look into crimes by Hunter Biden and his father, the failure to define a woman and allowing transgender males in women’s sports, the continued flow of drugs coming across our southern border, and let’s not forget the human trafficking and the thousands of migrant children who have gone missing in the last three years.

Dave Smith, a retired Arizona State Trooper, wrote in the August issue of Police Magazine, “Now, as a result of our ceding power to the leftist, I see the nation I love slowly slipping into third world status as a result of their folly. They are truly hollow people full of anger, self-loathing, and Intellectual Immaturity. They have no meaning in their lives other than envy and the need to take, so that others can’t have such things as self-esteem, success, and a meaningful existence. How we ever gave control to such unstable people still fascinates me, saddens me, and angers me.”

I love America and all it stands for. Yes, the country has its faults, but I challenge you to find another country that affords its citizens the freedom we have enjoyed for 247 years. This is not the time to fundamentally change America. It’s time for all freedom loving people in America to band together to bind up the nation’s wounds as Abraham Lincoln stated at the end of the Civil War. In this way we will be working to “Make America great again.”