A Veteran’s Thoughts

By Ski Ingram

September 2023

I watch what is going on in the Biden administration and the willing news media and I can’t help but wonder why they are doing what they do. For years I have heard from the Left that “no one is above the law.”  Then I hear about the possible crimes of the Biden family and feel that they are above the law as no one seems interested in investigating their crimes. Hunter Biden was close to receiving a “sweetheart deal” from the Justice Department who was prepared to forgive all of the crimes attributed to him.

We hear of bribes from foreign governments like China and Russia dealing with millions of dollars that no one on the Left seems to care about. We hear that Biden has multiple shell companies in which to hide money, but the left leaning news media is refusing to report on it. There is only one reason to have a shell company and that is to hide monies from the IRS. It has recently been reported that the Biden family may have twenty or more shell companies. The American people need to know if this is true.

Recently, President Biden told the world in a speech before the United Nations that the biggest threat to America and the world is climate change. He said that he plans to “climate proof the world.”  I wonder at what expense? Where will he get the money for this except by raising taxes? A bigger question, how does he plan to do it, by imposing onerous restrictions on our freedoms?

I have said it many times, and I’ll keep saying it, that when President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally change America” he was serious. President Biden is continuing to follow that plan as evidenced by the momentous changes we are seeing every day.

Some of the things that I see have changed since Biden was elected President is our respect in the world has diminished. We saw this at the UN summit when China, Russia, France, and others failed to attend. We saw it after the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan. We see it at our wide-open border as millions of people from all over the world continue to flood into our country. We see it with more than one hundred thousand deaths each year from the fentanyl coming across that same wide-open border. We see it with President Biden’s regulations halting oil production here while we are forced to buy oil from the Middle East and a few of our enemies.

Why is the Left championing transgender rights while ignoring women’s rights? Why is the Left trying to rewrite our country’s history by changing what our children are taught in school? Why are they cancelling our nation’s history, removing statues, and changing the names of our schools and military installations? Why is the Biden administration forgiving student loans even after the Supreme Court said that it would be unlawful to do so? Why is the Left continuing to promote no cash bail for criminals when it’s apparent that it has led to more crime in our streets? Why does the Left refuse to support Israel when it is our only friend in that part of the world?

For years we have heard the Left tell us that “no one is above the law’” and yet some people go unpunished while others, mostly conservatives, are being punished to the fullest extent of the law. Do you believe that those who participated in the January 6th riot are more of a threat to America than the BLM rioters or the rioters who burned down businesses and killed people in some of our major cities?

If you are a member of the Democratic party and you have these same questions, it’s time for you to rethink who you support. Ronald Reagan said it many years ago “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.”

Were you happy with the restrictions imposed on us during the Covid-19 pandemic? Do you want the cancel culture to be our new normal? Are you happy with the billions of dollars we are sending to Ukraine with no guarantees where and how the money is being spent? Did you agree with the way Biden handled the China spy balloon? Do you agree with the FBI when they labeled parents, who attend PTA meetings, terrorists? Do you believe that Catholics are domestic terrorists as described by the Justice Department? Do you trust the FBI or the Justice Department? Do you trust the media to report the news without having a left leaning agenda? Do you trust President Biden to be honest with the American people when he continues to repeat wild stories that are always discredited?

Mark Levin stated that the Democratic party has “devoured our culture.”  I believe he is right. Our way of life, your children and your grandchildren’s way of life, will forever be changed and not for the better if we do not act. Our republic is at risk. Our freedom is at risk. Our way of life is at risk.

If you are asking these questions and more, you realize that America has a problem. These are questions I’m asking of the Democratic Party, but I know the blame is also with those Republicans who support the establishment in Washington D.C. There is a cancer in Washington, and it has infected many on both sides of the aisle. It’s going to be up to each freedom loving American to recognize whom to trust and support if we still want to live in a free country.