By Ski Ingram

The Preamble to our Constitution states that the purpose of our Constitution is “to form a more perfect Union.” It goes on to list five principles to help ensure that America becomes a “perfect Union.”  These five principles are; (1) establish justice, (2) ensure domestic tranquility, (3) provide for the common defense, (4) promote the general welfare, and (5) secure the blessings of liberty for all.

When the President of the United States puts his hand on the Holy Bible, he promises to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  He is pledging that his administration will adhere to the Constitution and do all he can to promote the principles of our democracy, which includes ensuring domestic tranquility.

The meaning of “domestic” in this sense refers to our country and everything that goes on within it. That includes all the work, all the industry, all social activities, everything that affects the citizens’ lives. The word “tranquility” means having a sense of peace, order, and calm. The use of the word “Insure” means to protect, uphold and preserve these rights for all who live here.

To “insure domestic tranquility” means to guarantee that peace and order will prevail in America. So, domestic tranquility, as used in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, affords the right of citizens to be secure and enjoy a lawful environment. It charges the federal government with the duty to protect that right for us, “We the people.”

Domestic tranquility is important to a free society so that people are free to conduct their lives in peace.  Without domestic tranquility there is no way to prevent conflict and social breakdown.  Without it there can be no justice. It would be impossible for the government to promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty.

As I look about the nation, I do not see tranquility.  I see chaos all around.  Crime is everywhere, our borders are wide open.  We have “woke” District Attorneys who are ignoring laws and refusing to prosecute criminals for their crimes. We have a president who has helped contribute to this chaos by overturning many policies on his first day in office.  One important issue is the closing of the XL Keystone pipeline, banning oil exploration on government land, and banning fracking.  This has returned our nation to dependency on foreign oil.  President Biden is now begging OPEC to increase their oil production and is also considering asking Venezuela and Iran for oil in order to augment America’s reduced production. He has chosen to negotiate for oil with tyrants instead of Texans.

The inflation rate is getting higher each day. To date President Biden has no answer to combat it.  We have a government that just a few months ago was contemplating labeling parents as terrorists, just for speaking out at their local school board meetings. Another fence was just constructed around the Capital Building for fear that our nation’s truckers would converge on Washington D.C. and surround the building in protest of high fuel prices.  Our border policies are helping to enrich the Mexican cartels by not stopping them at our borders, which allows them to engage in drug and human trafficking.

President Biden has told us to “Buy American.”  He says we should be building more and manufacturing more in the United States, but he says nothing about lowering government regulations to make that possible or even easier. We are seeing bare store shelves, with so many cargo ships stuck off our coast because of onerous regulations and a shortage of manpower to unload and transport them.  What is the Biden administration doing about it? Nothing that I can see.

Recent polls have shown that President Biden’s approval rate is the lowest of any president in modern times.  RealClearPolitics conducted an opinion poll on February 15th.  It found that over 50% of the people polled disapprove of Biden’s overall job approval, the way he is handling the economy, his foreign policy and even the way he has handled the Covid pandemic. Is it any wonder that 62.9% of Americans believe this country is on the wrong track?

In just one short year this country has gone from having a secured border to an unsecured border with almost one million illegal aliens entering the United States. We have gone from having a stable economy to rising inflation. We went from being energy independent to having to rely on OPEC and other foreign countries to meet our energy needs. We have gone from having generally safe streets and low crime rates to crime- ridden cities.  Let us not forget how our first amendment rights were violated during the last two years while our government attempted to eradicate Covid.

The next few months are crucial for our country’s survival.  There are many in government who wish to weaken our free speech rights, our right to own a gun and our right to free assembly.  It is up to us to remember these things when we enter the ballot box in November.  Do not be fooled by politicians who said they wanted to defund the police yesterday, but have changed their tune because they want to be re-elected today. Those politicians do not have your best interest at heart. They are not concerned about you or preserving your domestic tranquility.