by Ski Ingram

May 2023

This Is Not the America We All Loved

I have always watched or listened to the news.  Even as a teenager I wanted to know what was going on in my community, my country and in the world.  I’d get up to date news from the TV, radio, newspapers, and the internet.  However, today I can hardly watch, listen, or read the news of the day.  I ask myself, am I getting weaker in my old age?  The truth is yes. I do not have the strength of mind or body to listen as much as I once did.

We all know the saying “if it bleeds, it leads.” But today if it looks bad for the progressives, the left, the Democrats, or the Biden family it will not be reported.  If it were not for a few conservative news stations and radio talk shows, we would be as blind to these things as those in any communist country.  Remember the 1970’s TV show Barretta? Its catch phrase was “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”  That is not how it works today. During President Trump’s time in office, it was said over and over again, “no one is above the law.” I agree with that statement.  So, what about Hunter Biden?

I was not happy when Biden was elected as our 46th President.  I had a lot of questions about the election results.  Where there is smoke there is usually fire, and I could see plenty of smoke. As a retired police detective, I could also see plenty of evidence that something was amiss and still is.

I’ll start with the retreat from Afghanistan and the 13 men and women who were killed in those last few days.  It has been made even worse when, a few days ago, Admiral John Kirby stated that he hadn’t seen any chaos when President Biden ordered the abandonment of the country, thereby leaving our allies to fend for themselves and millions of dollars in valuable military equipment in the hands of the Taliban.  As a former Army Officer and Viet Nam veteran I could write a book about the failure in tactics and leadership during that hasty pullout.

We have been hearing about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the “Big Guy.”  We were told that 51 former Intelligence officers signed a letter saying it was Russian propaganda. Now we know the truth, that it does belong to Hunter.  The investigation has been going on for more than five years and there is still no indictment. It makes me wonder why?

I have said for years that the Democrat party does not care about you. They do not care about business owners who are robbed by flash mobs of young hoodlums.  They don’t care about old men and women who are being attacked in the streets, on the subway, or in their own homes. They don’t care about women when they support transgender males who compete in women’s sports. They are doing nothing to stop the fentanyl that is flowing so freely over our southern border even though it’s killing young people at a record rate.  They appear to hate cops and love the criminal.

The Biden administration is continuing to print money so they can fund unnecessary projects. Biden wants to pay off the student loan debt for tens of thousands of people, why? It must be to buy votes in future elections.  He wants to get rid of gas-powered cars and force us all to buy an electric car.  He supports our military going green. I ask all who have served in the military, do you think that’s a good idea?

It is being reported that the government has known for years that many of the unaccompanied minors coming across our southern border are finding their way into sex slavery and labor camps. Why is the Biden administration doing nothing to close the southern border?  Why are they doing nothing to find the origins of Covid? Why are they going to such lengths to protect China, our most dangerous enemy in this world? Why did Biden sell China so much of our oil reserves when it was so needed here in America?

Why is the left and the Biden Administration so hell bent on taking guns away from law-abiding citizens while at the same time ignoring the massive amounts of crime in so many Democratic run states and cities?

There is so much more I wish to address, but I have limited space in which to do so.  With that said, the most disturbing thing I see from the Democrat party, the Progressives and the Left is their lack of patriotism. In recent years, a love of country has been labeled by the left as Nationalism and that America is no better than any other country on earth. I disagree with this opinion. I believe there is no better place on earth where people are freer to live and raise a family.

While I was a police detective, I always wanted to see what was behind the curtain of every crime I investigated.  Today I’m not so sure I want to look behind the crime curtain of the Biden family. But it must be done for the sake of the country.  When criminals are leading the country no one is free.

I long to return to a time, as in years past, when all Americans would repeat, with conviction, the words of the pledge of allegiance “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”